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Michael P. Rubino, Registered Financial Consultant

Michael P. Rubino, Registered Financial Consultant

Chief Executive Officer

Michael P. Rubino, Registered Financial Consultant, is Chief Investment Officer of the Rubino Financial Group. A regular contributor on CNBC, as well as many other national and local media outlets in the past Mike has been providing sound financial advice and educating investors since 1983. That advice includes active tactical investment management using the mathematical concepts of Quantitative Momentum. Which in English is an approach of adjusting clients investments on an ongoing bases with the goal of minimizing losses during market declines and taking advantages of markets when they are rising. This is diametrically opposed to the strategy that the large broker dealer, mutual fund, industrial complex who hires under educated salespeople to sell their stories encouraging you to hang in there during prolonged periods of economic and market distress.

A multi-millionaire who has attained his position through hard work, sound investment approaches, a disdain for debt and legal tax minimization Mike would like to be your partner, coach and guide on the path to financial independence.

The office he established and currently oversees as Branch Manager with Centaurus Financial has been one of the most successful offices nationally. Mr. Rubino has been involved with Brokerage Design and Development Inc., dedicated to training other financial advisors nationwide in net tax planning and business organization.

He offers classes he has designed “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement”, offered to the public as well as corporations to educate individuals in how to plan, implement and succeed in obtaining financial security for their futures.
Michael completed his undergraduate work at Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He has earned many awards recognizing his commitment to the Financial Services Profession, including the Darbar Financial Professional Seal. This national award recognizes financial professionals who have met standards for qualification from the Securities and Exchange Commission and achieved excellence in areas of client trust, financial results, and quality of advice and client satisfaction.

Married to Lori for 37 years with two wonderful children, Michael and Nicole. Nicole is currently the Administrative manager for the office while Lori is the bookkeeper. Mike and Lori have lived in Oakland County for over 40 years and enjoy serving the public, golf, gardening, family gatherings and their hunting properties in Up North!