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Samantha  Mannino

Samantha Mannino

Client Administrator

Samantha is pleased to be joining Mike and Nicole in supporting Rubino Financials' clientele!
Samantha is a 2010 LHEG Award-winning Student Services Manager from Laureate International Universities where she excelled in stellar customer service. She hopes to bring that same level of excellence to serving the clients of Rubino Financial. 
Samantha has worked as a consultant for small businesses looking to streamline their operations and harness their existing technologies. She is working with Nicole to improve the efficiencies of Rubino Financial's processes.
Samantha is also a professional database manager having mastered a variety of database softwares throughout her career: ACI, Salesforce, Showbiz, Exony, Real-Time Reporter, Cisco Phone System, Millennium, Raiser's Edge, ACCPAC, and Microsoft Access and Excel. She hopes to use her acumen in this area to better track and fulfill client needs here at Rubino Financial.
Samantha graduated with a BA in Biopsychology and Cognitive Science with Honors having had her Senior Honors Thesis published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research. As an undergraduate, she worked as a Research Assistant in the labs of James Woods (Neuropsychopharmacology), Janine Maddock (Biology), and Terry Robinson (Biopsychology). 
Samantha met her husband Michael Mannino at Ashley's in Ann Arbor almost 20 years ago! Because he was a Film Major, they moved to Los Angeles after graduation and lived there for 15 years while he worked his way up from Production Assistance to Producer before moving back home to Michigan. 
Together, they enjoy travelling, concerts, stand-up comedy, fine dining, reading, playing video games, and watching shows and movies. Every summer, they go up north to cabins just outside of Escanaba - where Mike has been going with his family since age 3! They cherish their nephew August and their niece Ava. They enjoy introducing the children to new experiences and spoiling them with gifts!